For over five decades, APIL has been one of the largest manufacturer of Springs and Original Equipment supplier to leading vehicle manufacturers in the automobile industry. The Company’s experience assures select quality for every product. Leaf & Parabolic Springs bearing the name of SIROCCO have endured the toughest tests since inception, under the most arduous conditions. The skills and expertise gained over the years, form the basis of a highly competitive spring unit, which has adopted processes to meet every requirement of the present technological age.

Our mission

Since its inception in 1953, Auto Pins has come a long way and has successfully carved a niche for itself in the automotive industry. The measure of our success is reflected in our growing presence, both in India and abroad.

The skills and expertise gained over the years form the basis of a highly competitive spring unit, which has adopted processes to meet every requirement of the present technological age.

Auto Pins has a habit of consistently delivering quality – whether it is in the form of suspension parts or drive train components. Our extensive product line boasts of automotive components and accessories for vehicles across the globe. Trucks, tractors and transport automobiles over the world bear witness to our quality standards.

Message from Managing Director


The strength of any enterprise lies in its ability to produce quality products with efficiency. To deliver to its customer’s consistent quality at the right price while keeping its profit margins secure. The present structure of Auto Pins Limited ensures just this.

The challenge of the new decade is to keep abreast with emerging and ever-changing technologies and at the same time, create a niche for growth and be flexible in one’s approach.

APIL has, over the years has been supplying to all the important overseas market and has developed springs of various types, including heavy-duty truck springs, as well as the parabolic arms for air suspensions.

I am happy to announce that APIL is the first parabolic suspension spring company in India to have received the TS certification. Working on IATF at present

I also take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their longstanding association with us. The value and importance of every customer is deeply entrenched in the psyche and heart of APIL.

In an era where global boundaries are blurred with each passing day, Auto Pins has made its presence felt in the automobile component industry.

Rajbir Singh

Managing Director

Auto Pins India Pvt Ltd.

Auto Pins is a company with a long history of customer satisfaction and a strong relationship with its buyers. The trust and faith has allowed the relationship between supplier and vendor to develop into a family. This reduces response time and allows teamwork working. Price, quality, delivery plus the commitment to a relationship has allowed us in building the confidence in our customers, in India as well as overseas.

Aided with a modern facility and a large leaf spring capacity plant, ISO 9002 approved a dedicated team of professionals, along with the company’s R&D team for designing improvements, technological up-gradations and cutting down process and development times are some of the big benefits the company and its customers gain.We look forward to an improved environment in working as we go along and learn from our customers. We improve and add in a bit more to get a smile from our delighted customers.